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A Blessing

When the wall

between the worlds

is too firm,

too close.


When it seems

all solidity

and sharp edges.


When every morning

you wake as if

flattened against it,

its forbidding presence

fairly pressing the breath

from you

all over again.





Then may you be given

a glimpse

of how weak the wall

and how strong what stirs

on the other side,

breathing with you

and blessing you


forever bound to you

but freeing you

into this living,

into this world

so much wider

than you ever knew.

—Jan Richardson

Christen Herman

- Born March 26th, 1962

- Daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, wife, friend, and singer

- Left us on February 10th, 2021

Christen’s survivors include her husband, Peter Rood; her son, Paul Herman, and his wife, Hannah Fegley, and daughter Sadie; her daughter, Kaija Hansen; her mother and stepfather, Cynthia and Bob Galletley; her stepmother, Connie Smith; her brother, Chad Smith, and his wife, Darlene, and daughter Casey; her former-husband and friend, Martin Herman; her former mother-in-law, Patricia Hansen; her stepsister, Vivianne Razzouk, and niece and nephews Nathalie, Brandon, Mark, and Benjamin. Christen fully embraced her stepchildren, who are also grieving her loss: her stepson Dylan Rood, and his wife, Anna, and children Milo and Juliana; her stepson Julian Rood and his wife, Thuy; and her stepdaughter, Hilary Watford, and her husband, Jay, and children Avey and Nash. So many more family, loved ones, and friends are missing Christen every day.  

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